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8 Secret Tactics Delivery Guy Use for Better Tips

Tips are very important to anyone who works in the food industry. For many, these add-ons has been used to pay the bulk of their paycheck. But how the get those much-needed tips?

Overcome the Embarrassment

Embarrassment doesn't bring home the egg and bacon. Quickly learn to get over it, It's just something that you have to get past if you're gonna make it as a food delivery driver.

Don't take anything personally

People can be mean. No use in dwelling when bad things happened. At first shrugging off these things will be very hard, but holing on to that anger affected your interaction with other customers during your working time. The rest of your tips is at stake, so let it roll off!

Be professional, Look professional

There is a difference in tip ammount when you looked professional. Customers were more likely to tip if they see you clean and professional.

Talk like a Customer

Take the delivery phone call and read your customer's behavior, respond to them appropriately. Other popular chat topic you want to say to them when you deliver their food include hit movies, sports teams, dogs - basically whatever you thought the clients would be interested in.

Love the pets

Compliment their dogs. Works. Every. Time.

Receipt Trick

When customer using a credit card had to sign the receipt, if he/she left the tip line blank, turn back and say, "sorry, my boss needs you to fill out the entire thing!" Passive aggresion. :)

Change Trick

Carry a bit of change in case customer handed you very small amount of tip, pull out the tip and give back to them and politely say, "You obviously need this more than I do." They either tip the next time or pull out tip from their pocket.

Tip Jerk

They are everywhere. You know when you meet one, nothing works. So, when necessary, stew quietly.

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